Anti-UV Color Sunglasses LensesToric Cylindrical glasses LensSunglasses Decentered Lens (Off-centered)Multi-layer Color Coating glasses lensesGoggle Screen (MASK) Lens
Anti-UV Color Sunglasses Lenses
Toric Cylindrical glasses Lens
Sunglasses Decentered Lens (Off-centered)
Multi-layer Color Coating glasses lenses
Goggle Screen (MASK) Lens

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Transparents Demo Lens
* Characteristics  (1) Protect the optical frame to avoid out of shape.   (2) Used for showpiece of Optical frame.  (3) Complete specifications of Demo Lens (73mm)  (4) With UV or Without UV  (5) Various coatings are provided  (6) The sales volume are about 80,000~100,000 pairs each month. (Export to Japan) *Material: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Plastic Copolymer, Xylex(new material)*Color: Clear*Coating: Hard coating, AR coating, Hydrophobic coating, Anti-fog coating......etc. function coating.*Specification:DimensionsCurveThickness54mm6C1.6mm60mm5C1.2mm~2.0mm65mm6C1.8mm / 2.0mm67mm5C1.2mm~2.0mm73mm5C / 4C / 3C / 2C1.2mm~2.2mm73mm6C1.8mm / 2.0mm76mm6C1.8mm / 2.0mm78mm6C1.8mm / 2.0mm  
The Art of Photoply &Break through Design.Photoply advanced eyewear is the perfect combination of style, design and Functionality .Built from durable, state of the art materials, it features a sleek, modern look, and break through functionality. At the heart of each Photoply .Advance Eyewear is the innovative _clip_ design, that allows the eyewear to attach onto the rim of a hat, offering an additional degree of freedom and comfort during sporting or recreational activities. When not wearing a hat,simply switch back to the traditional frame mode. Photoply also comes with several switchable lens options, each designed with a specific purpose, protecting your eyes in different setting Photoply. Advance Eyewear is the most all around, versatile eyewear system available today.
Made of those who are uncompromising and adventurous at heart . Photoply is the eyewear from the future. It offers you the latest technological achievements ,packed in stylish. modern design. At the heart of photoply is the Arm & clip design, allowing you to clip it to most hats with a rim, offering an added degree of comfort. Photoply is perfect for fishing ,golfing , cycling ,skiing , roller blading , climbing ,jogging and all ther outdoor sports, it's your best travel companion in life, anytime, anywhere.

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Established in 1988, BinShyh devoted to produce many kinds of lenses, and pass AS/NZ, EN, ANSI standard through optical spectrum machine testing.

BinShyh Lenses were sold to many countries since 1989, included Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia, UK, Greece, Poland, Mexico....etc. By collaboration with research institutes and universities, we maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of a variety of lenses.

Our management idea is " Sincerity, Innovation", and our management manner is " The Customer is supreme, good faith management". Besides, we innovate continuously in research and development, and enhance the core competitiveness of company, achieve the win-win goal for customer and company. And our company vision is " Pursuit business continuity and create well-being for colleagues".

President: Mr. Hanry Wang
He majored in Chemistry and devoted himself to produce the lenses.


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